The Merrywell (Upstairs)

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The Merrywell (Upstairs)

So I finally got to try The Merrywell (Upstairs)! I had been to the restaurant area downstairs before but I only had a burger and it was average so I’m glad I got to see what upstairs had to offer.

I know The Merrywell is known for American styled types of food and personally I love American food, the only downside to it is how ‘fatty’ I think the majority of things are. When we ordered and our food came out I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t as ‘fatty’ as what I imagined it would be. We were going to watch a movie after dinner so we decided to order a few small dishes. We ended up getting, Mac and Cheese bites, Buffalo wings, Jalepeno Poppers, Kingfish ceviche and for dessert we thought we’d give the banana split a go.

The Mac and Cheese bites were delicious! I loved that even though it was deep fried, it wasn’t in a thick unsightly batter that looked like it had been swimming in oil. It was actually crushed Doritos haha.. not that that is any healthier, just looks it 🙂 The Buffalo wings were nice and juicy. It came with the usual Blue Cheese sauce that often accompanies this dish. Personally I hate the smell of blue cheese. I always imagine it to taste like it smells lol.. but in saying that I gave it a go and it actually wasn’t too bad. It had a subtle blue cheese flavour which was quite nice.

The Kingfish Ceviche was lovely and refreshing. It was nice to see a ‘healthier’ option on the menu. The dish could have been a little bit bigger but I suppose as it was a ‘small’ dish that’s all we were going to get. Last of the small dishes was the Jalepeno Poppers. I’ve had these before at other places and I suppose these were pretty much the same. The only thing that I would say that was different was the ranch sauce that came with this. I loved it that much I used it as a sauce for the majority of our other dishes haha

Finally we thought’d we’d try the Banana Split for dessert. It came out not looking like a typical banana split but that was fine. This banana split was different. It contained lovely fresh cream, bits of nuts, a chopped up Mars Bar, a chocolate macaron and some cherries. Definitely a dessert to share but I loved it. It was a nice way to end the meal.

The staff were nice and friendly throughout the night. We sat outside, sort of on the balcony area which was good on the night that we went. Wasn’t too cold. I’d definitely recommend this place. It’s perfect place to head to with a group of friends, grab a drink or two and catch up with delicious food!

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