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So we discovered this restaurant when my partner read it in the paper and thought we should try it for our anniversary dinner. This restaurant is tucked away down an alley way off Russell St. The actual size of the restaurant is not very big, although I’m not sure if they had an upstairs so I could be wrong.

We were given the drinks and food menu. I ordered a Sezar Express. It was actually really really good! I could have skulled it and had another one but I stopped myself! We thought we would give a few different dishes a try. We tried the Boreg, Spanner Crab Falafel, BBQ Sher Wagyu Tenderloin, The Braised Beef Cheeks and for dessert we tried the Vanilla Parfait.

The Boreg was delicious! I love the spinach and feta filling and the mayo that came with it was lovely. The Falafel was nice and flavoursome but a tad messy to eat. The waiter said to eat it with your hands but I think I would have made a mess so I used a knife and fork. The Wagyu Tenderloin was the same with messiness.. haha or maybe I’m just a neat freak and don’t like to use my hands when I’m out. But in saying that the Wagyu was so good! It was cooked perfectly and it went well with the bread and sauce! Last main dish was the Beef Cheeks. We thought this dish would be to die for… but… When we went to try it, it was under seasoned and needed more flavour. I only ate a little bit of it and my partner ate the rest. It was a bit of a disappointing end to the main dishes.

We thought we’d give dessert a crack so we ordered the Vanilla Parfait. It came out looking beautiful on the plate! It came with cherries, pistachios and a rose water syrup. Personally, I don’t really like rose water. I think it tastes like eating flowers but in saying that, the syrup wasn’t overpowering the dish which was really good! The parfait was creamy and delicious and went well with everything on the plate.

Overall, this restaurant was lovely. I think it had a good feel to it and everyone there seemed to enjoy themselves. It was a tad loud but that’s ok. The food was lovely, bar the beef cheeks but everything else was great and we would definitely go back to try some more dishes.

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