Shop House Kitchen

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Shop House Kitchen

Located in the heart of QV Melbourne, this bustling Hong Kong style cafe is home to cheap, good food. My partner and I come here every now and then so he can have his fix (he’s from Hong Kong so he loves this type of food). We’ve been here a few times and we have ordered different things on the menu before.

In the pictures I have here, we have the dry wonton noodles with 2 meats (Char siu and Roast pork) with some veggies on the side and also the Taiwanese chicken pop corn.

The noodles with the meat is quite a simple dish. Even though it is 1 serving, don’t be deceived. The mountain of noodles under the meat could probably feed two people. That’s coming from me though but usually I eat a lot and I couldn’t finish this. The reason why I ordered this was because I wanted something simple and something I know will taste good.

The Taiwanese pop corn chicken is something my partner loves to eat all the time. If you haven’t tried Taiwanese style pop corn chicken, you’re missing out! I don’t know what they put in the seasoning/batter but its really tasty!! Always a go to dish for us!

Although I don’t have a picture here, I’ve also tried the baked chicken with a cream sauce on fried rice. I actually really like it here! The chicken is cooked nicely and there is enough sauce for the  whole  dish.

I wouldn’t say this place is awesome but if you want a quick feed and you don’t mind if the staff are a bit slow, then give it a go! The food is a bit hit and miss but majority of the time I’ve been there it’s been fine 🙂

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