Oakridge Winery

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Oakridge Winery


My 2 girlfriends and I thought we would go to the wineries one lovely Saturday afternoon. As there were so many wineries to choose from we thought we would try Oakridge since neither of us had tried it.

The scenery of the wineries is beautiful. We were seated right next to the window overlooking the vineyard. We ordered the set menu, 2 dishes for $50. I ended up choosing the Victorian Beef as an entree and the Roasted Rack of Pork as the main.

The Beef entree was absolutely delicious. The Beef was cooked perfectly medium and sliced very thinly and the sauce that came with it was paired perfectly with the beef.

Onto the main was the roasted rack of pork. Following the delicious beef, we expected the pork to be just as good. Unfortunately the pork was very dry and underwhelming. The bit of pork we received was way too big to start with. The apricot and mustard butter didn’t really go with the dish we thought. One of my friends said it tasted like a banana milkshake lol… I don’t know how you get banana out of apricot and mustard but each to their own.

The winery is an amazing place for a lovely lunch and catch up with friends. The food can be a bit up in the air. Some were good, others weren’t great. I would come back though. I love the atmosphere of the place. Its a nice and relaxing place to enjoy a lunch and bottle of wine.

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