Nieuw Amsterdam

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Nieuw Amsterdam

I had only recently heard of this place from looking it up on Broadsheet. This restaurant has been newly opened in the last 6 months or so. Tucked away down Hardware St (opposite Hardware Lane) this place has a bar area downstairs with the restaurant upstairs. We were greeted with a very nice waiter who showed us to our seats and explained the menu to us. We ended up ordering the Pork Trotter and Ham Hock Nuggets, Chicken Waffles, New York Clam Chowder and the Southern Style Pork Belly Chops… oh and we also got a free Smokey Beef Brisket.

The entree styled dishes (nuggets and waffles) were delicious. Perfectly portion sizes. The nuggets were lovely and crunchy on the outside and nice and juicy on the inside. The Waffles were lovely! The pate that was on the waffles was so silky, smooth and rich.. but so good! I loved the extra texture of the crispy chicken skin on the top as well! Topped it off!

The Clam Chowder, to tell you the truth it didn’t look like a clam chowder at all. Having been to San Francisco before and having seen what a clam chowder should be, this looked nothing like it… although it does say it is a ‘New York’ Clam Chowder and I’ve never really had a clam chowder in New York before so I suppose this is what it might look like :p Anyway.. enough of my rambling, this Clam Chowder was SO GOOD! I’m salivating just thinking about it now! The creamy texture of the sauce was to die for! It complimented all the vegetables and meat/clams in it. It was so flavoursome!

The Pork Belly was melting in the mouth! It was that good! It was so soft and tender and the portion size was quite generous as well. We ended the meal off with a free dish (the waiters got our order wrong twice and gave us one of the incorrect orders) the Beef Brisket. Even though we didn’t order this the beef was lovely and tender and cooked to perfection. The sauce and the vegetables went hand in hand and were extremely enjoyable.

All in all, this place, even though they did get our order wrong a few times, they made up for it by giving us a free dish. All of the dishes that we tried were absolutely delicious and the service at this place was excellent. I would definitely come back again and try something else. Maybe one night when I’m feeling peckish after a big night out.. They do open until quite late I’ve heard… who’s up for a late night snack?? 😉

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    1. Thanks! You really should try it! The food is so delicious and the service is really good as well. They slotted us in even when they knew they were busy and practically booked out!

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