Coin Laundry Cafe



Coin Laundry Cafe

This cute little cafe situated in Armadale. I came upon this place when a few friends wanted to have brunch at somewhere different. We had to wait a little bit.. maybe 15 minutes for a seat.. which wasn’t too bad I suppose as there ended up being 6 of us. We sat outside on a lovely summers day.

I ordered my soy mocha and the Smoked Salmon, Winter salad with walnut, toasted brioche and poached egg. The salad was beautifully presented but personally I think it needed more sauce. The salad was a bit bland here and there and the brioche.. lets just say I’ve had better. It was an ok dish but I don’t think I’d order it again if I went back.

The overall atmosphere of the place was nice and pleasant. If you want to go with a big group it may be hard to get a seat but the staff are lovely and accommodating when possible.



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