Peanut butter Cookie dough bites and Raw chocolate Brownie



So I tried a little bit of a raw blueberry tart the other day and I was actually surprised as to how good it tasted! It gave me the inspiration to look up some easy recipes and try to create a raw dessert for myself.

I got the Peanut butter cookie dough bites from the following website.

I found this recipe to be super simple. Everything was added in the food processor and blended away. Simple and easy. I moulded my ‘bites’ into a mini cheesecake tin. They’re not exactly bite sized but I reckon it would be good in small balls so they are easy to eat. The texture of this was cookie dough like which was nice. I think for me, it would’ve tasted a little bit better if I had put a little bit more peanut butter into the mixture but in saying that it was still delicious.

Raw Chocolate Brownie

I came across this website whilst looking up different raw recipes. It seemed simple enough without having to buy too many different ingredients I wasn’t familiar with. I actually doubled the recipe as I thought the original recipe didn’t seem like it would make much.. oh how I was wrong, it made quite a bit. The recipe was simple enough to follow. I think I need a better food processor though but overall it seemed to work as well as it should have. I topped the brownies with the raw chocolate icing from the same website as well. My icing wasn’t as smooth as what I would have hoped but the flavour was nice. I think its a bit bitter but I don’t mind it like that. The brownie tasted a bit like dates but it was still chocolatey which was good.

I gave these to my partner to try. He’s already not keen on too much chocolate so I didn’t think he would like the brownies much.. I was right.. he thought it tasted a bit too much like dates. I liked it however.. I think the taste is something you need to get used to but I think after a few bites its fine. He liked the peanut butter cookie dough bites though.. nice and peanut-y! I think these websites would be very useful and delicious for people who have allergies to certain foods. Also for people who want to try a healthier version of a brownie or ‘cookie dough’.


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