Burch & Purchese

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Burch & Purchese

Cute little dessert cafe based in South Yarra. To be honest I thought this cafe would have more seating (apart from outside) and a small drinks menu. I think it would allow customers to sit and enjoy a coffee/tea with their desserts as well. However, in saying that, as soon as you walk into the cafe you are met with a cabinet full of cakes and desserts. Opposite the cabinet was a wall full of chocolates, confectionary and jams/spreads. All of this ready for purchase.

I came here with my friend and we ordered the ‘White night’ Cake and the ‘Raspberry, Laurent Perrier Champagne, Peach & Lemon’ dessert. Both of them looked lovely and delicious.

We tried the ‘White night’ Cake first. This was absolutely delicious! It wasn’t too sweet which was good. The coconut sponge was nice and soft and there was also a mousse and a bit of coconut jelly inside it as well. I loved this cake! I wish they had it on their regular menu but they don’t 😦 They only had it because of ‘White night’ in Melbourne. Oh well… maybe it’ll come back next year.

The Raspberry dessert was a bit strange to our liking. We found it to be quite ‘tart’ tasting. I think the raspberry compote was a bit too overpowering and made the dessert quite sour/tart. However in saying that, the Champagne mousse tasted just like that.. Champagne! It was strange but nice. I loved the blondie in it although I think it could’ve done with a bit more to cancel out the tartness. I think this dessert was nice but the flavours just need to balance each other out a bit more that’s all.

I’d definitely come back again. I’ve always loved the look of these desserts and I want to try more!



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