This is one of my favourite restaurants in Melbourne! Every time I come here the food never fails to disappoint. In this instance we went for my dad’s birthday. My dad can be very picky with the types of cuisines he likes but this one takes the cake for him. He requested to come have dinner here because he loved it so much the first time around!

The setting of the restaurant is shared tables. The staff there are super nice and friendly and will help you out with the menu where ever possible. Being a table of 10 people, we ordered our drinks, cocktails for the majority of us! I ordered the ‘Ping Pong’ cocktail. Absolutely delicious! My partner ordered a mocktail that was just as good! I actually think it tasted like a Malaysian dessert called ‘Seri muka’! YUM!

As there were so many of us, we ordered a lot of food. Too many to mention. All I know is, if you happen to try this place.. a MUST order is the pork hock and the egg net salad! Everytime I go to Longrain, those two dishes need to be on the list! The pork hock is delicious and so moreish. The egg net salad is so refreshingly light and the flavours all work well with the ingredients. To be honest I don’t like bean shoots much and the egg net salad contains probably 60-70% beanshoots but I couldn’t care less. It’s too good!

If you ever need a nice, not too fancy restaurant to go to, you definitely need try it out! You won’t be disappointed! The only downside is, they don’t take bookings so get there early so you don’t have to wait!

Longrain Melbourne on Urbanspoon


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