Movida Bar de Tapas


Movida Bar de Tapas

After so long we finally got to try Movida! Went to go put our names down at 6:30 and they said there would be an hours wait so we went shopping and came back and the table was ready for us!

So many different things to try, but a little hard to understand what everything is. To start with we tried some ‘Tapa’ (individual entree style dishes). The Quince Paste Cigar with Goats cheese and the Spiced Chicken Escabache tapa on crisp croutons. The Quince paste cigar was surprisingly really nice! The goats cheese complimented the quince really well and was not too overpowering. The Spiced Chicken Escabache was enjoyable but also a tad spicy.

For the ‘Raciones’ (main dishes) we tried something from the specials. The grilled whole chillies with a vinaigrette. We also had the Spicy Steak Tartare and the Slow Braised Beef Cheeks. To be honest, we were told the chillies would be spicy, and what came out on the plate was not spicy at all. There was maybe one chilli that was a tad spicy but the rest of them tasted like capsicums and there wasn’t much vinaigrette on it either. The steak tartare was absolutely delicious and so flavoursome! To top it all off the Slow braised Beef Cheeks fell apart as it should and the cauliflower puree it came with was so smooth and silky! Delightful!

We were actually still a bit hungry after this so we ended up ordering two more Tapas and a dessert. The Morcilla Croqueta and the Pig’s tail. Both of these dishes were delicious although once we found out what Morcilla was, if we ever see it on a menu again we might think twice about ordering it. Although nice, the thought of eating black pudding doesn’t sit well with us. The dessert we had was the deep fried custard with apple two ways. This was to die for! The custard was encased in what seemed like some sort of pastry that was deep fried and complimented with an apple puree and little sour apple pieces. What made this dish come together was the sprinkle of cinnamon over the apple and custard. Delish!

Overall the service was impeccable and the food was lovely (although probably wouldn’t order the chillies again). Would definitely come back for sure!

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