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Mezzo bar is located on the top end of Little Bourke St. I had previously been here before but did not particularly think this place was overly exciting. I thought I’d give it another go, and I came back but also used the entertainment card.

For entree we tried the arrancini balls and the wagyu beef carpaccio. The arrancini was deliciously filled with tomato, basil and cheese! The carpaccio was, different. This was the first time I had really tried a carpaccio. The wagyu beef was lovely but I found it a little bit strange paired with a peach salad.

For mains I tried the cavatelli ‘pasta dumplings’ and my partner tried the oven roasted pork belly. After a delicious entree we were expecting the mains to be just as good but unfortunately we did not think so. My pasta was very plain. It felt like it needed more flavour to the dish. All I could mainly taste was the capsicum salsa. I tried a bit of my partners pork belly. It was nice but he said it wasn’t as good as what he thought it might be, and also it came with a fennel salad which wasn’t a fan of his either.

Overall, with this restaurant, after trying it a second time around, I don’t think I would go back. Not that the food was terrible but it didn’t wow me as other restaurants do.

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