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This pleasant Turkish restaurant located right on the outer edges of the South Melbourne market is perfect for a terrific night out.

The staff here are extremely lovely and helpful when it comes to the menu. We were explained how to order and how much to order as well. In this instance we ordered the Turkish spring rolls, the Croquettes, stuffed vegetables with Mediterranean rice and the marinated lamb. The spring rolls were delicious and not too overpowering with the flavour of feta. The croquettes and the stuffed vegetables were absolutely to die for! I loved the stuffed tomatoes especially. The flavour of the rice within the tomatoes was exceptional! Finally the marinated lamb was beautifully marinated and perfectly chargrilled.

This was actually the second time we had come here. Previously we had tried the turkish bread with home made dips (a must try!), saganaki and the lentil rissoles.

We will definitely keep coming back to this place. Oh and before I forget, Saturday nights after 8 they have a  belly dancer! Very different type of entertainment but pleasant none the less.

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