Kit Kat Cake

tumblr_inline_mvfgvschvO1s4rf7d  20131027_195949

KitKat Cake

Super easy cake to make and it looks and tastes just as awesome!

I followed the recipe from the below link. 

For the cake mix I was in a hurry to make this cake for my sisters birthday so I cheated and used packet cake mix however next time if I did have a bit more time I think I would try and make my own cake from scratch.

On the website it looks like they used a smaller cake tin. I ended up using a 20 inch tin. I had to use probably about 30 +/- 5 KitKats to line the outside of the cake. I also did two layers of strawberries in the middle cream layer. It ended up being a silly idea because I ended up running out of strawberries for the top of the cake so I had to substitute blueberries as well. Tasted just as good. Also instead of glazing the berries with the apricot preserves, I just heated up some strawberry jam with a bit of water and brushed that over the top to give it a glazed look.

This cake was a hit with the family! Would definitely make it again but with maybe less cream than I had used as it oozed out the sides when I tried to stick the KitKats on.



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