French Fantasies

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French Fantasies

French bakery near the corner of Punt and Toorak Road.

My partner and I went for a walk down to French Fantasies on a nice Saturday morning. Had no trouble getting a seat. Ordered at the counter and sat by the window watching people go by. Ordered my usual soy mocha and my partner ordered a latte. I’ve had to say, the mocha was actually quite nice.

My partner was craving a croissant so he ordered that. Although it wasn’t hot it was still nice and buttery just like a croissant should be. It came with a marmalade type jam to spread on it but I reckon it was good even without it.

I ordered the french toast. Even though by the picture it looks plain and boring, it was one of the best french toasts I reckon I have had! It’s up there with the one we had at Breakfast Theives that i wrote about a few posts ago. This one was nice and warm, no egg taste to it but just a beautiful sugar and cinnamon coating on the outside with a dollop of cream. It came accompanied with a small jug of maple syrup as well to top it all off. Absolutely gorgeous and i think the portion size is just right for brunch. Not too heavy and not too light.

The hot dog was a toulouse pork hot dog topped with grilled onion and dijon mustard. My partner thought it was almost like a Wendy’s hot dog but fancier and more toppings. It tasted nice although the roll that it was in was a bit hard. Personally i think the size of the bread was just right for the hot dog. I don’t fancy hot dogs where you end up with just bread at the end or just hot dog.

This is one place we would definitely try out again! Although I mentioned that we got a seat straight away, when we left, it was full to the brim with people coming in for lunch or a coffee. Best to get in early to avoid the rush!


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