Ayomo Frozen Yoghurt


Ayomo – Frozen Yoghurt


Awesome Frozen Yoghurt place that has opened up on Clarendon St in South Melbourne. My partner and I felt like frozen yoghurt one night and stumbled upon Ayomo. They have an extensive range of drinks, frozen yoghurt and desserts.

We tried the macadamia flavoured frozen yoghurt topped with mangoes, lychee popping bobas and crushed nuts. The yoghurt was delicious with a subtle taste of macadamia. At a price of $5.50 for a small with 3 toppings for an extra $2.50 (I think), you get your money’s worth. I’ve found a fair few other frozen yoghurt places swirl it in the cup but leave a big hole in the middle. Ayomo is nothing like that. The cup is full to the brim with delicious frozen yoghurt and toppings! We loved this place so much we went back 3 times in one week!! We’ve had to cut down a little over the past few weeks but will definitely be back for more for sure!!


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