Chef Lagenda


Chef Lagenda

Tucked away on a side street next to the train station, this Malaysian restaurant is a gem! I’ve been here once in the past but had not tried the curry laksa (which I’ve heard is very good). This time around though, I was determined to order it as well as trying other types of dishes.

We started off with some pork spring rolls and lobak. The spring rolls were hot out of the deep fryer and very tasty! Being Malaysian myself, I always compare the lobak at each Malaysian restaurant to one that my mum makes. I don’t think any have really compared with mum’s cooking however in saying that, the lobak here was actually delicious! (even though it wasn’t the same)

We then had the long awaited curry laksa! The soup for the laksa was very coconut-y and creamy which I love! The only downside to my laksa was that even though I ordered the chicken laksa, I think I prefer the chicken to be chicken breast rather than bits from the thigh and drumstick. (I’m picky haha)

Overall we were so full and very satisfied after we left here! Definitely a place to go back to time and time again!

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