Christina Re High Tea


High Tea at Christina Re

I came upon this place a few weeks ago when I went to a friends hens party. We had high tea at this beautiful elegant place that was decorated with flowers and pretty crockery. There was also a section for crafts that could be bought from the store (invitations, thank you cards stationery).

We sat down and had our drinks orders taken. I ordered the peppermint tea. Then not long later out came the tray of quiches and the tower full of delectable goodies.

The bottom tray contained sandwiches. Cucumber, salmon and chicken. I found the cucumber sandwiches to be quite plain but the other two were nice. The scones were very nice with the jam and cream but who can go wrong with scones! Last of all the top tier which contained the sweets. By that time we were already filled from the sandwiches n scones so we were only able to try a few. I had a pistachio macaron and a lemon cupcake. The macaron was nice although the pistachio flavour wasn’t that prominent. The cupcake was a bit dry as well.

I think this place needs a bit of an upgrade in regards to the food. If the food was a little bit better I think this place would be fantastic for a girls afternoon but at $75 a head I don’t think it was worth it.


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